Guide Fix Error Code CR900501- Dragon ball legends


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Guide Fix Error Code CR900501- Dragon ball legends When you can't login due to the Error Code CR900501 you simply have to update the game.

How to update, when the game isn't released in your country yet ?

Step 1: Download a VPN and start it. Be sure to be connected to the Netherlands, before you continue with Step 3.
Step 2: Force Close App Store.
Step 3: Go to Settings>Apps>Google Play and delete all data and cache there.
Step 4: open Playstore and go to Account>Change country.

2. 3. Step 5: Enter a Payment option (you won't get charged anything. it's just law related that they need a payment option of you, even for fre apps).

Step 6: Search for "Dragon Ball Legends" in the Play Store.

You should be able to download it now.

Remember when you didn't preemptively safed your account via SNS you might not be able to get it back unfortunately.

EDIT: If this didn't work you need to create a new google account in the Netherlands, which hasn't preordered Dragonball Legends and retry the steps above again.
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