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Download Fortnite APK – The Best Survival Arcade Game on Mobile Fortnite APK – The Best Survival Arcade Game on Mobile – PC -PS4 If you are a fan of surviving games like PUBG, Rule of Survival, you may have heard about Fortnite. This is a major project of Epic Games, which was released in July 2017 as a survival game combining sandboxes. In Fortnite, the first thing we think about is Fortnite:

Battle Royale, a free-to-play game mode, which is officially updated by Epic Games. The gameplay is Similar to PUBG. But the difference is the animated graphics and some other points. The simulation of weapons in the game is also simplified. In addition, the player can freely create and influence the environment when it is possible to collect materials and fabricate their own architectures. Unlike PUBG, Fortnite is completely free. This is also a factor that makes the game a great success. Because of this, Epic Game continues to develop and release the mobile version of this game called Fortnite Mobile, which is the game we would like to introduce in this article. If you want to download games, we also provide links and related information.


Familiar survival gameplay
Fortnite: Battle Royale brings the same gameplay as Battle Royale: 100 players join a big arena as a tropical island. The winner is the last survivor. When 100 players join the match, everyone will be put on a giant balloon, moving towards the island – where everything will be set for battle. The players have to choose a random spot on the map and jump down. After landing on the ground, your only goal is to survive, find and collect everything you can, pick up guns and be ready to shoot all the enemies in front of you (of course not your teammates xD).

Weapons, items, materials and more

As with other survival games, when you participate in the Fortnite Mobile, you are free to move and explore a large map, your only mission is to become the last survivor. To do that, you need to collect weapons, materials, and equipment to kill other players. Epic Game brings many different weapons in the game, they are Assault rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs, Sniper rifles, Launchers, Melee weapons, and grenades… each with different features and parameters. Fortnite is a fun and fierce game, the battle in the game is taken place in the colorful island. These colors are more important than what you think, especially when you pick the weapons to use in combat. In general, the weapons in the Fornite: Battle Royale are ranked according to their color. The fresher the colors are, the higher the damage will be. It means that the weapons are better. So, we need to remember the colors in the Fortnite to know what they mean, and what kind of weapons you should change to fight reasonably.

The weapons in the game are divided into groups:

Common (Gray)
Uncommon (Green)
Rare (Blue)
Epic (Purple)
Legendary (Orange)

Note: The rarer the rifle, the higher the damage, which means the DPS (damage per second) is also higher.

Tips for you: Try to master a certain type of gun, so you can easily win when facing the enemy, do not forget to refer to the article: Fortnite Battle Royale – 9 tips for beginners for conquering the Top 1

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